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Meeting Maestro

A step-by-step $27 mini-course to help you stand out as a leader and drive real progress

Most managers never learn how to actually run meetings. Yet meetings are the single most important perception tool you have at work.

“This will literally change people’s lives at work.”

– Emma, Manager

Manager + Team Coaching

Hands-on coaching from someone who has been there

Coaching for Managers — $2500


What’s included: 

  • A pre-assessment
  • 90-minute deep-dive kickoff
  • 6 coaching sessions covering core management topics (Managing yourself, managing your team, conversations, decision making + strategy, communication + feedback, productivity)
  • Asynchronous support between sessions
  • Access to Manager School courses
  • Final assessment

Coaching for Teams — $5000


What’s included: 

  • A team-wide pre-assessment survey
  • 90-minute deep-dive kickoff for the manager
  • 6 coaching sessions (topics depending on the pre-assessment and manager input)
  • Potential topics include: Managing yourself, using meetings effectively, design thinking + innovation, strategy → execution, managing your career, communication + feedback, productivity
  • Weekly office hours for questions and practicing about topics
  • Sessions recorded and sent out afterward
  • Slack chat for team questions
  • Access to Manager School courses for the team
  • Final survey

Hi, I’m Ryan. I help managers.

I’ve spent two decades obsessing about the way work happens.

It’s incredible to me how little most of us are taught about how to manage. If you’re like me, you were thrown into management without training and just had to figure things out. That can be stressful and lonely.

Now I’ve successfully led over a dozen teams (from just a couple of people up to 80+) and been sought out to advise executives who have managed over 1000 people. 

I’ve read everything I could find to help me be a better manager and learned through experimenting and adjusting when I made mistakes.

Now I teach managers the things about work that are rarely taught.

I’ve coached hundreds of managers at top companies like LinkedIn, Google, DoorDash, Disney, and Capital Group.

I believe great managers are the most important factor not only in delivering better business results but also in making people’s lives better in the process.

Join manager school where I share what I’ve learned or find me on LinkedIn.

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